LF: Adventure!

5 Jan

I Laugh At You, Puny Humans

Alright. I’m super behind on my writing assignments. I realize I’ve had this blog a little over 4 years now, and I hardly post a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.


Year of the Dragon, Year the world should have ended, Year YOLO was born.

In 2012, I’ve yielded a paltry 2 posts.

Not really sure why this is so. I guess I’ve been alternating between levels of utter boredom and extreme excitement that there’s never a bit of steady. I don’t even know if this exists. What I do know is that nothing has compelled me to write lately. Even the idea of articulating why I don’t feel like writing is a blah.

How strange!

And now, for some other news…


Old Ceylon

Wil be visiting the exotic isle of Sri Lanka in a month! It’s turning out to be a 10-day blitz with my friend B, passing through the cultural centre, the hilltop tea estates, wild cat jungles, the beach on the south side, before making it back to Colombo just in time to fly out.

Not sure if I’m feeling excited about it yet. Too many things going on.

Will let you know how that goes, maybe.

See you, hopefully sooner than next year!


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