Who, me?

I believe that love always saves the day, that the man is there to be damned, that the only really great things that come for free are hugs and kisses, that the best things in life never come easy, that if you like to read – you’ll never be alone.

I believe that one day something so bad will happen to me, to counter all the good luck I’ve been having all my life.

I believe fear is there to be challenged, that monsters in closets need to come out and dragons need to be slayed, that we are slaves to our past only to become heroes of our future, that travel is living, that ideas are meant to be shared and celebrated, that Bono is overrated but he must be a pretty nice guy, that music is essential to life, that you can never take enough photos to capture the world as we know it (but try anyway).

I believe in myself of all people, in singing in the rain and crying shamelessly at sappy movies, in golden Sunday afternoon walks to put things into perspective, in hugging trees, in lying on the ground to look at the sky, in belting it on the karaoke machine, in The One from where all amazing things come.


One Response to “Who, me?”

  1. Hussein Ghouleh May 17, 2011 at 6:42 am #

    Waw, beautiful… truly a passionate description of facing your ultimate fear before you break free.

    thank you for such beautiful introduction

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